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Qualifications & Life Experience

Dr. Bob Cowan, Denver Psychiatrist


  • B.A. University of Michigan 1967
  • M.D. New York University 1971
  • INTERNSHIP in Pediatrics, Lincoln Hospital, Bronx, NY and Albert Einstein College of Medicine
  • RESIDENCY in Psychiatry, University of Colorado and University of Michigan
  • FELLOWSHIP, Consultation Liaison Psychiatry, University of Michigan
  • The Physicians in Management Series (3 weeks) by the American College of Physician  Executives

Faculty Appointments:

  • Full-Time Assistant Professor, University of Texas Medical Branch, 1979-1982
  • Volunteer Assistant Clinical Professor, University of Colorado 1986-1995


  1. I.Q. and Education as a Predictor of Longevity in Home Hemodialysis
  2. Psychological Supervision of Family Medicine Residents Using Videotaped Encounters
  3. Medical Student Education on a Psychiatric Consultation Liaison Service
  4. Psychosocial Screening Questionnaire


  1. Couples Therapy I: “Why Do Couples Come to Therapy?”. A Review of 22 Consecutive Cases.
  2. Couples Therapy II: “What Does Treatment Look Like?”. A Video Presentation of Excerpts from a Complete Treatment.
  3. Medical Interviewing: Research, Education and Training.
  4. Alcohol Issues: Diagnosis and Treatment with a Video Case Presentation.
  5. Substance Abuse and Psychiatric Comorbidity: Implications for Treatment.
  6. Depression and Its Treatment.
  7. Stress, Illness and the Role of Social Support.
  8. Psychosocial Issues for the Oncology Patient.
  9. Co-coordinator of Conference: “Physicians’ Issues: Professional Changes and Personal Choices”, Fall 1990.
  10. Psychiatric Update to Arapahoe Medical Society, March 2004.


  1. Medical Director for Psychiatric Services, St. Joseph Hospital 1987-1997 as well as position as Department Chairman
  2. Cottonwood Care Center, Brighton, Colorado 1992 to 2016
  3. Mercy Seniors Clinic 1993-1995 and Total Long-Term Care Project 1993-1996 (Geriatric Psychiatry)
  4. Community Care Programs 1994 to 2006 (Residential and Out-Patient Services for Patients with Chronic, Severe Mental Illness)
  5. Wellness Treatment Center (Intensive Outpatient Treatment 303-777-0303)
  6. Laradon Hall 1993 to 2001 (Services for Adolescents and Adults with Developmental Disabilities)
  7. Board Member and Chairman of Karis, Inc. Residential Halfway House 1983-1987
  8. Colorado Assessment and Treatment Center (Forensic Services) 1998-1999
  9. Harmony Pointe Care Center (Quality Consultant for Psychopharmacology)


  • Coaching: Swimming, Baseball, Softball,
  • Elder and Christian Education (Elementary and Adult)
  • Gardening, Golf, Skiing
  • Chairman of Public Information Committee of Colorado Psychiatric Society